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Wooden Brown & Navy Blue Epoxy Resin Wall Clock

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Material: Sheesham/Epoxy Resin
Base Material: Sheesham/Epoxy Resin
Color: Wooden Brown/Blue
Dimensions: Dia-16″
Brand: SattvaShilp
Est. Delivery:  4-5 Weeks
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Immerse your home in the captivating fusion of natural warmth and modern artistry with our Wooden Brown & Navy Blue Epoxy Resin Wall Clock. This exquisite timepiece is designed to be both a functional clock and a stunning piece of wall art, making it a striking addition to any room. The clock face showcases a mesmerizing blend of rich brown wood and vibrant blue epoxy resin. The intricate patterns and textures evoke the serene beauty of flowing water against a backdrop of earthy wood, creating a sense of tranquility and elegance. Each clock is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that every piece is unique and boasts its own distinct character. The minimalist design features sleek black hands and subtle hour markers, providing a clean and easy-to-read interface that perfectly complements the vibrant resin and natural wood artwork. The durable metal frame adds a touch of sophistication and stability, while the easy-to-hang design ensures effortless installation. Our Wooden Brown & Navy Blue Epoxy Resin Wall Clock is more than just a timekeeper; it is a piece of art that enhances your interior decor. Its unique design and bold colors make it a versatile addition to various styles, from contemporary and industrial to rustic and eclectic.
Enhance your home with the timeless beauty and artistic flair of our Wooden Brown & Blue Epoxy Resin Wall Clock. Whether you’re looking to elevate your own space or searching for the perfect gift, this clock is sure to impress and inspire. Experience the perfect blend of natural elements and modern design with this exquisite wall clock, and let every moment be a masterpiece.


Sheesham/Epoxy Resin

Base Material

Sheesham/Epoxy Resin


Wooden Brown/Blue

Pack Content

1 Wallclock





Est. Delivery

4-5 Weeks

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