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Epoxy resins exhibit remarkable durability and superior tensile strength when kept under ideal temperature conditions, outperforming wood in these aspects.

While epoxy resin furniture is scratch-resistant, it’s not entirely scratchproof. Sharp objects can cause scratches, but these can usually be remedied through polishing or buffing, similar to scratches on wood furniture.

Epoxy resin furniture is exceptionally durable and uniquely crafted, offering a level of uniqueness not typically found in conventional furniture. Unlike wood, epoxy resin allows for a wide range of color and shape combinations, making it versatile. However, proper curing requires sufficient time and precise temperature control.

At Sattvashilp, we always prefer using the highest quality wood for durability and superior designs.

Regular use does not affect the color of epoxy resin furniture over extended periods. However, prolonged exposure to UV rays can gradually reduce its shine or luster.

Certainly! We are more than happy to accommodate your request for a customized design. Simply let us know your requirements, and we will deliver your order as requested.

Interior Design

Interior designers bring expertise in spatial planning, color schemes, furniture selection, and more. They can transform your space, ensuring it reflects your style and meets your practical needs.

The cost varies based on factors such as the scope of the project, the designer’s experience, and your location. It’s best to discuss your budget and requirements with the designer to get an accurate estimate.

Interior design involves planning and creating functional spaces, considering layout, lighting, and more. Interior decoration focuses on furnishing and adorning a space to enhance its aesthetics.

The timeline varies based on the project’s complexity and scope. A small project might take a few weeks, while a larger one could take several months. Your designer can provide a more accurate timeline after assessing your needs.

Define your goals, budget, and timeline. Gather inspiration from magazines or online platforms. Be ready to communicate your preferences and lifestyle to your designer.

Yes, existing furniture can often be incorporated into a new design. Your designer can help assess what can be reused, refurbished, or repurposed to fit the updated vision.

Hard Wood

Sheesham wood, also known as Indian Rosewood, is favored for its durability and exquisite grain patterns. At SattvaShilp, we select it for its longevity and natural beauty in our furniture pieces.

Certainly! We offer customization options. Share your preferences with our design team to create personalized furniture that aligns with your style and requirements.

Quality is evident in the weight, joinery techniques, and finish of our furniture. At SattvaShilp, expect solid, well-crafted pieces with sturdy joints and a smooth finish.

Our Sheesham wood is naturally resistant to pests, including termites. Regular maintenance and proper care will help prevent any issues.

Yes, our hardwood furniture can often be refinished or restored to its original beauty. Consult with our professionals for advice based on the condition of the furniture.

Sheesham is known for its durability and resistance to wear. Our hardwood furniture, including Sheesham pieces, is crafted to provide long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Cane Furniture

Cane furniture at Sattva Shilp is popular for its natural aesthetic, lightweight design, and eco-friendly attributes. Crafted with precision, our cane pieces add a touch of elegance to any space.

Regularly dust your cane furniture and use a soft brush or cloth to clean between the cane strands. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and moisture to maintain its quality.

Absolutely! We offer customization options for our cane furniture. Share your preferences with our design team, and we’ll create personalized pieces that suit your style and needs.

While cane furniture is generally suitable for indoor use, we offer outdoor-friendly options. Contact our team for recommendations on cane furniture that can withstand outdoor conditions.

Our cane furniture is crafted for durability. With proper care, it can provide years of comfort and style. We use high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of our cane pieces.

Absolutely! Cane furniture blends seamlessly with various styles. Our design team can assist you in creating a cohesive look by incorporating cane pieces with other furniture styles for a unique and personalized touch.


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