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Slipper Chair

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Material:  Wood
Legs: Teak Wood
Color: Dark Brown/Rich Maroon
Dimensions: Height –  39″| Depth – 28″ | Width – 24″ | Seating Height – 20″
Brand: SattvaShilp
Est. Delivery:  4-5 Weeks



A chic and versatile seating solution that seamlessly blends style with comfort. Meticulously crafted, this chair features a low-profile design with a distinctive absence of arms, allowing for easy and graceful entry and exit.
The sleek silhouette and carefully chosen upholstery make our Slipper Chair a statement piece that complements various interior styles. Its compact size and plush seating provide an inviting spot for relaxation, making it ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or cozy reading nooks.
Elevate your space with our Slipper Chair, a modern classic that combines form and function. Whether used as a standalone accent piece or part of a curated ensemble, this chair redefines your seating experience with a touch of sophistication. Redefine your interior with the understated elegance and comfort of our Slipper Chair.




Teak Wood




Dark Brown/Rich Maroon

Pack Content

1 Slipper Chair


Height –  39″, Depth – 28″, Width – 24″, Seating Height – 20"



Est. Delivery

4-5 Weeks

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