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Epoxy Live Edge Mirror

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Material: Sheesham wood/Epoxy Resin
Base Material: Sheesham
Color: Wooden/ White
Dimensions:  Length – 80″| Width – 38″
Brand: SattvaShilp
Est. Delivery:  4-5 Weeks
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A stunning marriage of organic beauty and contemporary design. Carefully crafted, this mirror features a natural live edge frame enhanced by a captivating epoxy resin finish, creating a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern elegance.
The live edge design showcases the unique character of the wood, while the glossy epoxy surface adds a touch of sophistication. Each mirror is a distinctive piece of functional art, bringing a natural and stylish element to your living space.
Transform your walls with the timeless allure of our Live Edge Epoxy Mirror. Whether in the bedroom, hallway, or living room, it serves as both a functional reflection and an artistic statement. Redefine your space with this exceptional blend of nature-inspired aesthetics and contemporary design.


Sheesham/Epoxy Resin

Base Material



Wooden/ White

Pack Content



Length – 80″, Width – 38″



Est. Delivery

4-5 Weeks

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